QSC HPR152I 15" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

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MAE music...... Powered Loudspeakers The powered speaker has become a staple for mobile DJs, musicians and AV professionals alike. The simplicity and scalability of these systems is the big draw. After all, what could be easier than just connecting the output of your DJ or live sound mixer directly to the speaker and turning everything on? For those who have been reluctant to join the powered speaker party because you felt that powered speaker amplification fell short of rack-mount amp quality, you are officially out of excuses. Why Choose QSC's HPR Series There's a QSC Amplifier Inside Each HPR Now you can get the legendary performance and reliability of QSC's rack mount amplifiers built into a powered loudspeaker. The power module is designed with the same top-quality components and rigorous standards you expect from any QSC amplifier. QSC is regarded as one of the leading amplifier manufacturers in the world. We have over 35 years experience making professional-grade amplifiers. When you buy an HPR Series powered loudspeaker, you know it is backed by the QSC quality and reliability you've come to expect. Discrete Component Designs Many powered speaker amplifier modules use low-cost, consumer-grade "chip amps" to decrease costs and simplify design. The HPR Series features a professional, discrete component design, hardened to withstand abuse and engineered to deliver the best possible performance even when pushed to the limit. Signal Processing An advantage of powered speakers is that the design engineers know everything about the system. This means that all the signal processing -- crossover frequencies and slopes, EQ transfer functions, phase corrections and limiting -- can be precisely tailored. Multi-Band Limiting Nothing kills speaker drivers faster than clipping, which happens when an amplifier is driven too hard. At best, this clipping will be annoying to listeners. At worst it may burn up the speaker voice-coils. The HPR series protects itself (and your performance) through the use of active Multi-Band Limiting that detects excess level at each amplifier channel before clipping occurs. Then dynamic peak limiting is applied to the overall signal. The limiting parameters have been carefully set to maintain overall frequency balance and minimize audible "pumping." You will probably need to watch the rear panel Limit LED to even know that limiting is taking place. The result -- your HPR system delivers clean, undistorted sound even when you push it hard. Crossover The bi-amplified HPR152F and tri-amplified HPR153F are "active" systems. There are two advantages to an active system. Advantage 1: With a conventional passive speaker system, a single amplifier channel covers the entire frequency spectrum. So, when a bass note overdrives an amplifier, the resulting clipping produces harmonics that also go to the mid and high-frequency drivers. The result is audible distortion or, worse yet destruction of the drivers. In bi/tri-amplified systems, only the low-frequency amp would produce distortion while the mid and high frequency amps continue to deliver clean, undistorted sound. Advantage 2: Active systems allow far more extensive tailoring of the cross-over response than is possible with passive cross-over networks. The 2 and 3-way HPR models include crossovers that maintain coherent performance across the transition between low, mid and high-frequency drivers. In addition, these models incorporate a unique, 100 Hz Low-Cut filter. This opens up powerful mixing possibilities. One subwoofer or many, the HPR subs have crossover functions for any application. The subs' stereo inputs sum the left and right inputs to mono while also giving you a stereo output for a pair of mid-high speakers.

Model: HPR152I
Manufacturer: QSC
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