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Tama BST1455BK Metalworks 5.5x14" Steel Snare Drum - Black Shell with Black Hardware

SKU:  ae00-58745
Manufacturer Part #:  BST1455BK

This steel 5.5 x 14" snare drum offers a bright tone with a tight crispness in high-tuning and a smooth resonance in low-tuning. A 1.2mm matte black steel shell is processed to have a ridge on the center of the shell as reinforcement. The color of the shell hardware is matched to the matte black shell.

Model: BST1455BK
Manufacturer: Tama


In stock
SKU:  ae00-58745^BST1455BK
Manufacturer Part #:  BST1455BK
Weight:  12.00
Price: $159.99

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