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MAE, Music Arts Enterprises

was begun in 1963 as the brainchild of Charles and Rosalind Katz. Charles played trumpet for the Army and with wife and children Mike, Ken and Gary lived in Japan for five years and France for three years. Upon retirement from the military Roz and Charlie spawned their dream of owning a music store on Davie Boulevard, then a dirt road. Mike graduated with a degree in music education from the University of Miami and Ken with a degree in Architecture from the University of Florida.

In the mid 70's Mike and Ken took the reins and began growing the business. They added lines and physical space. "We grew like an amoeba grows," said Mike. "We just kept adding on and adding on". In the mid 80's the DOT began to acquire the land for the I-95 Davie Boulevard overpass. The search for land led right back to Davie Boulevard. In 1988 construction on the present site began. "This was a dream come true to use my architectural background and build a music store from the ground up," said Ken.

On the same property in 1996 MAE added the warehouse and rental staging area and conference area. While MAE is constantly changing with the customer, the philosophy of the store will never change. Give the best service for the best price and have FUN!

Charles Katz
(Co-Founder 1919 - 2005

From Roz Katz co-founder:

"Once there was a boy named Charlie and a girl named Roz way back when.  THAT was the REAL beginning of MAE. Our country was involved in a few wars.  Charlie had to put down his trumpet and pick up a machine gun. fast froward a couple of wars, a marriage, and 3 sons living in foreign countries....; Having been taught the saving ways at our parent's knees, our family returned home and realized we really knew nothing but music!Presto! Chango! MAE was born. We have been lucky (and diligent) and have grown accordingly. Thank you! Thank you and welcome to all customers old and new. We're still here for you!"