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Yamaha FP9C Professional Dual-Chain or Strap Drive, Single Bassdrum Foot Pedal w/ Case

SKU:  ae00-58886
Manufacturer Part #:  FP9C

With its swayless stability and sport-bike-inspired visuals, the Yamaha FP9 delivers style and performance that can please the industry's most discriminating players. Ball bearings throughout the pedal, as well as front and rear spikes and a frame-inside-a-frame design, prevent rocking, sliding, and pedal play of any kind. This results in a smooth, nearly 1:1 transfer of energy, even at high intensities. Yamaha's 3-way Quick-Adjusting Cam, paired with independently adjustable footboard and beater travel, make the FP9 a pedal tweaker's delight. An especially helpful feature is the FP9's self-locking ergonomic spring tension knob, which is fast and easy to dial in from playing position. You also get a weighted beater system with removable weights to further dial in speed, throw, and power. A nylon strap (can be used in place of the dual-chain) and pedal carry case are also included.

Top to bottom, heel to toe, every part of the Yamaha FP9 has been engineered for maximum stability. Ball bearings in the pedal hinge and toe plate, front and rear adjustable spikes, and a flex-fighting under-axle subframe neutralize any side-to-side movement. What's really unique is the FP9's Axle-Stabilizing Bearing Chamber (patent pending), which is precisely fabricated to yield a velvet-smooth response between axle, cam, and beater.

This durable, reliable double chain drive boasts fluid movement. The cam at the bottom of the chain can be moved into three positions, allowing the drummer to fine tune the pedal's action to match their preferred performance. It can also be used as a belt drive by replacing the belt that is included with the pedal.

Footboard and beater travel can be independently customized in the FP9. Visual markings on the frame permit repeat pedal height settings from session to session.

Three Quick-Adjusting Cam settings in the FP9 allow players to further fine-tune response. From perfectly linear in center position to added power or acceleration on either side of the stroke, the FP9's adjustable cam serves as the motor for your preferred style of playing.

The FP9's ergonomic spring tensioner controls pedal resistance from playing position. A self-locking knob, which clicks to lock in both directions, eliminates the lock washers and locking nuts of traditional designs. What it creates is the potential for song-to-song tension adjustments on the fly.

Included aluminum (3g) and brass (9g) horseshoe weights clip directly onto the FP9 beater for added weight and heft. Both sizes can have a serious effect on tone and response. Looking for maximum power and authority? Try using both at once.

Model: FP9C
Manufacturer: Yamaha


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SKU:  ae00-58886^FP9C
Manufacturer Part #:  FP9C
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